110 rapid-fire memories from 2010

This is my last post in 2010. It also happens to be the 500th post I’ve published on Marshallogue. I’ll tell ya: this took some planning. 🙂

Moving right along, here’s my second annual list of memories from the past year. Some of these seem fairly mundane. Others, a little more important. Either way, this is a snap shot of what comes to mind for me.

  1. Camping for the first time in my life
  2. Getting lost in the woods with my brothers and Dru right before a storm
  3. Moving to my new, personal, online home, MarshallJonesJr.com
  4. Naming the blog Marshallogue
  5. Completing my first year of consecutive, daily blogging
  6. Opening the comments here (but reconsidering this toward the end of the year)
  7. Attending Roger’s Bible study and volunteering at Lost Sheep Ministries
  8. Visiting Southeast for the first time for a weekend service
  9. Launching and blogging about Southeast
  10. Growing to 1,700+ followers on Twitter
  11. Tweeting thousands of times
  12. Reaching 450+ friends on Facebook
  13. Returning to IU Southeast to meet with a career advisor about PR jobs
  14. Calling Guthrie Mayes to try to work for them
  15. Interviewing at Spalding Insurance group
  16. Starting a business, Marshland Media
  17. Designing MarshlandMedia.com, how the content will flow
  18. Hacking the code for MarshlandMedia.com
  19. Creating the content for MarshlandMedia.com, including a series of instructional videos
  20. Cold emailing possible clients and learning what works (and a lot of what doesn’t work)
  21. Renewing my passport
  22. Requesting a Federal background check
  23. Trying to set up an author meetup at Barnes & Noble but it not happening
  24. Trying to set up an author meetup at Carmichael’s but that not happening either
  25. Meeting Chris Guillebeau through his Unconventional Book Tour
  26. Meeting other new friends at Sonoma
  27. Not meeting one friend I planned to meet at Sonoma even though we both were there (sorry again, Alexander) 🙂
  28. Experiencing an unforgettable day
  29. Building a child-theme on Thematic
  30. Shifting back to a minimal look for MarshallJonesJr.com
  31. Formating and writing new pages for my personal site
  32. Attending my first writing seminar
  33. Shopping all night with my brothers on Black Friday
  34. Re-started the bondC newsletter
  35. Releasing my first, free ebook, How To Make A Friend (In 10 Days)
  36. Teaching myself how to code by trying to simplify bondChristian
  37. Changing bondChristian’s home page to better collect subscribers
  38. Writing the auto-response series in real time for the first round of subscribers
  39. Making screen casts for the first time at bondChristian.com
  40. Doing interviews for the first time at bondChristian.com
  41. Getting 20+ guest posts published
  42. Switching to journaling online
  43. Starting to transfer old journals online
  44. Discovering Mixergy.com
  45. Discovering Simon Sinek and Start With Why
  46. Discovering Ignite speeches and wanting to start one in Louisville
  47. Discovering ItStartsWith.Us
  48. Watching mnmlist.com launch and grow
  49. Returning to think in terms of minimalism
  50. Losing a toenail
  51. Wondering if my toenail would ever grow back and then watching it do just that (it’s half way back now)
  52. Ditching my cell phone and getting a Google number instead
  53. Publishing 11 profiles here
  54. Watching and enjoying Inception in the theater
  55. Reading less than 30 books this year but not keeping track of which ones or how many specifically
  56. Rereading more books than I did in 2009
  57. Watching Jacob smash his teeth into the basketball goal pole
  58. Enjoying Thorton’s $.89 fountain drinks and coffees
  59. Missing almost every, single one of my goals from the beginning of the year
  60. Not joining Toastmasters
  61. Hearing back about a job that turned out to be a scam
  62. Writing a brief, bio timeline
  63. Sleeping under my giant fur to stay warm
  64. Receiving books to review because of my blog
  65. Writing another song after having not written a new one in years
  66. Teaching Sunday school
  67. Teaching on Sunday morning
  68. Watching William lead worship
  69. Watching more movies than I remember ever watching thanks to Netflix
  70. Streaming every episode of 24 through Netflix
  71. Hearing about Brooke divorcing Colin and getting together with Tommy
  72. Helping the Lyons move into their apartment
  73. Shaving my beard / goatee after having it for a year
  74. Trying out a mustache (not going to happen for now)
  75. Finding out that Tony Impellizzeri closed his restaurant
  76. Finding out that Green Tree Theater, the dollar theater in Indiana, closed
  77. Trying a bunch of new beers
  78. Meeting new friends, authors, and writers online
  79. Seeing Almin and some of his friends randomly driving on the freeway
  80. Rereading journals
  81. Rereading letters
  82. Changing my idea from My father’s a pastor… to My pop’s a pastor…
  83. Learning that most memoirs are written first (instead of proposal first)
  84. Researching memoir writing, especially through Tristine Rainer’s book, Your Life As Story
  85. Discovering two documentaries that I enjoyed a lot, Man On Wire and Between The Folds
  86. Noticing the narrow road off Blankenbaker Parkway and then discovering New Urbanism as a result
  87. Taking William to his baseball practices and then waiting in the car, writing
  88. Hearing Raquel win those ballet, point shoes in the raffle, the raffle I said she wouldn’t win (I almost didn’t cough up the two dollars for her to enter)
  89. Talking to Ted for half the night (multiple times) about school and, well, the future
  90. Uploading to Facebook the last of the California Trip pictures from 2009
  91. Creating “The Profile Picture,” the one that includes the thumbnails at the top of the new wall
  92. Contributing to Elizabeth’s Project Quotations blog
  93. Reading dozens of answers to the question, “If you could ask God one question, what would you ask?”
  94. Condensing old notes into just a few pages in a journal
  95. Finding exceptional grades and hand-written notes from friends among the notes I took in college
  96. Throwing out hundreds of pages of notes from college (the stack was over two feet tall)
  97. Getting an idea for yet another ebook, Churn, but not knowing when I’ll actually get to write it (ironic, considering its topic)
  98. Having a guest post turned down after putting a lot of work into it
  99. Realizing this is my 500th post on Marshallogue
  100. Realizing I’ve now published a combined total of exactly 700 posts on my two main blogs
  101. Not knowing what to call the new year… ’11?
  102. Not knowing what 10 other memories I’m going to include in this list (it seems like I should have more / better memories for 2010)
  103. Enjoying a freshly white Christmas
  104. Zach asking me for a piece of gum like 20 times on Christmas
  105. Sharing (with family and a few friends) about some major changes for me in 2011
  106. Growing super excited about the changes
  107. Feeling sad that the year is almost over
  108. Rereading this list and feeling grateful for what I was able to remember
  109. Making myself late to the New Year’s Eve party because I was still writing this (for the second year in a row)
  110. Wishing you a happy New Year!*

*By “Happy New Year,” I mean, may you be thankful all year.