11 links I’ve liked lately

I pretty much “wasted” my whole day today reading and researching. Here are a few links that set off a firestorm of thinking and planning and, soon, experimenting:

  1. Our Tiny House
  2. Raising bilingual kids [series]
  3. Bilingual Families Connect
  4. Evolution of Techno Dance
  5. No refrigerator for 30 years. . .
  6. Why turning off your fridge costs more energy
  7. Philosophy (of a homesteading family)
  8. Inbox writing
  9. 17 reasons why this European never wants to live in America
  10. 5 simple principles for becoming an expert
  11. Home is where he parks it

In addition, I’ll likely feature a few of these links in posts of their own, where I’ll go into more detail about what they mean to me. Stay subscribed!