100 things that scare me

  1. The feeling that I’m falling when I’m drifting off to sleep
  2. Calling people in certain situations, like to sell something
  3. Kids playing near the edges of tall buildings, cliffs, etc.
  4. Dangling my feet over the edge of cliff when the rocks on the edge are loose or slippery
  5. Promising to write 10, 100-item list posts in a row
  6. Speaking a foreign language to a native speaker I don’t know
  7. Trying to understand someone’s English when they can’t speak it very well, particularly when they’re trying to tell me something important, not just practicing
  8. Spelling words I should know but don’t
  9. Trying to write long sentences straight across a blackboard in front of a class
  10. Trying to leap frog over certain types of poles
  11. Jumping over a high rope held between two friends
  12. Skydiving
  13. Bungee jumping
  14. The cold on my feet when I jump into a lake and descend too far down
  15. Shots and most things with veins and arteries
  16. Being questioned by police officers
  17. Attempting any kind of flip in the air (trampoline, diving board, etc.)
  18. Apologizing in certain situations
  19. Psychiatric wards
  20. Job interviews when the person right before me looks more qualified than I am
  21. Starting a book project
  22. Not being able to breath after the wind has been knocked out of me
  23. Running out of air when I’m still a few feet underwater
  24. Driving by kids who jump out into the street
  25. Driving by people who are walking too close to the side of the road
  26. People seeing how nervous I am
  27. Running out of items to include on this list before getting to the end
  28. Letting people read something I’ve worked hard to write
  29. Getting to the end of my life and realizing that I wasted most of it
  30. Being forgotten
  31. Admitting certain mistakes, especially the ones I continue to make over and over again
  32. Trying to stand on a horizontal pole/rail and then slipping and falling on it
  33. Sharp objects near my eyes
  34. Computer crashes
  35. Wasps that dart out of nowhere
  36. People pretending to throw me off the edge of tall buildings
  37. Choosing between two bad options
  38. Choosing between two good options
  39. Closing off options in general
  40. Opening too many options (option overload)
  41. Knocking on someone’s door for the first time if I’m not sure I have the right place
  42. Getting lost
  43. Eels
  44. Trying something that will probably fail without accepting that I’ll probably fail
  45. Lying
  46. The realization that watching a video clip of someone being killed doesn’t bother me (at least not the way I think it should)
  47. Riding in a car with an inexperienced driver who’s trying to show off
  48. Losing control while driving on an icy road
  49. Walking through a group of gangsters on the sidewalk
  50. Singing in public
  51. Parents who don’t care about their children
  52. Cutting someone’s hair and thinking I’ve messed it all up
  53. Being asked a question on a topic I’m supposed to know about but don’t
  54. The first really tall ride at an amusement park
  55. Crazy big zits
  56. Spider crickets that jump on you when you don’t expect it
  57. Being assigned really long research papers in class
  58. Professors who can barely speak English
  59. The first moment I realize I’ve slept in too late for an important meeting or test
  60. The moment when I think I’ve slept in too late for an important meeting or test (even if I actually haven’t)
  61. Important deadlines I realize I can’t keep, particularly when a bunch of other people are counting on me
  62. The thought of going blind
  63. When people accidentally hurt themselves, and no one knows how bad it is yet
  64. When old people fall down
  65. Thinking I’ve lost my wallet
  66. Making a major mistake and not seeing any way to recover
  67. Big dogs that bark at children
  68. First hearing that someone I know is in the hospital
  69. Making big commitments to other people
  70. When a friend gives me a book I know I don’t want to read and says, “Let me know what you think.”
  71. Getting burnt out but feeling trapped in whatever I’m doing
  72. My desire for excitement at the expense of importance
  73. My desire for personal significance
  74. Looking like a fake
  75. Being content in being boring
  76. Speaking freely about what I feel
  77. Making myself vulnerable
  78. Making other people look bad and then losing friends as a result
  79. Writing here about topics like sex, how my mind actually works, stupid things my friends have done, stupid things I’d like to do, and so on
  80. Writing a lousy draft of a book, getting stuck in that structure or burnt out, and then never writing the amazing version
  81. Throwing up in public after trying to force myself to eat something I don’t like to eat
  82. Vomiting all over someone I know but not too well
  83. Publishing blog posts late at night without spending much time editing or considering the consequences of posting them
  84. Not making it to the restroom in time, especially when I’m sick and out in public
  85. Public restrooms that are out of toilet paper
  86. Eye contact through an entire conversation
  87. Spending the last years of my life in a nursing home
  88. Spending the last weeks/months of my life in a hospital
  89. Confronting someone, a friend
  90. Someone citing my example as a reason for why they did something stupid
  91. Getting married but being a lousy husband
  92. Having children but being a lousy father
  93. Wasting time
  94. Influencing no one
  95. Living through an disaster where everyone else either loses everything or gets killed but I don’t
  96. People I love getting sick and slowly declining, slowly fading away
  97. Failing to speak up when I know I should
  98. A ton of other things I’m not willing to list here… yet
  99. Living in fear
  100. As Jim Elliot said, living an ordinary life while claiming to know an extraordinary God