100 pushups [EXPERIMENT] – Week 5

This experiment has officially passed up the peanut butter experiment in sheer physical difficulty. I underestimated how out of shape I’ve become over the past two years or so without push ups. Now, I’m paying for it.

Once again, I haven’t completed even the third week’s routine. Part of the problem is that I can’t finish the last day well, so it makes me want to repeat the entire week to be sure I’m progressing properly. Another problem, though, is that at this point, my motivation has slumped to an all-time low for this experiment. I’m not even sure I want it anymore.

I’ll continue forward with this next week, but I’m not optimistic about the results. If I finish this at all, if I reach the goal of 100 pushups in one set, it’s going to take a long time. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.