100 pushups [EXPERIMENT] – Week 4

This week, I discovered three trends.

  1. It’s too difficult to hit the routine requirements after I get home from a day at work.
  2. Doing these workouts early in the morning feels the best.
  3. I never have time in the morning.

This, as you might imagine, has caused some delays. Instead of working on this every other day, the way I’m supposed to, I’m doing it every other day and a half. On top of making it hard to get into a decent routine with this kind of schedule, it also means I’m not getting stronger as fast as I should be.

I feel like I might even be losing some strength because, with the extra time between workouts, my muscles aren’t forced to stay fit. This is not good.

I need to either figure out a better way to fit these workouts into my mornings or this is going to be a struggle the whole way. As it looks right now, I’m going to have to repeat the week 3 routine next week, which means I’ll be two weeks behind.