100 pushups [EXPERIMENT] – Week 1

The first week finished well. I completed the pushup regimen for the toughest level.

When I started, I thought I might begin with one of the easier levels and stretch things out. I realized, though, that if I didn’t push myself in the beginning, I wouldn’t get any stronger during this first week. I think it was a good call.

Still, it wasn’t too taxing. I finished pretty easily, even though I definitely could feel it.

The downside, though, was that at the basketball game last week, I got hit pretty hard in the chest. By the final day of the week on the pushup schedule, I thought I might have injured myself even more. I thought it was just a deep bruise at first, but the pain made me second guess that. Maybe I’d cracked a rib a bit.

I hope I didn’t. A friend who broke a rib a while back said I wouldn’t be able to breathe without feeling it each time if I’d actually broken something. I can breathe.

Regardless, I decided to take it easy, not push myself for the end. I’ll take a few days during week 2 to heal up some more and then get back at it.