100 posts I’d like to write

Yesterday, I found a post that talked about the benefits of writing a List of 100. I’ll try this with a couple things. For now, though, I thought I’d start with a list of posts I’d like to write:

  1. How I gave away a million dollars before I turned 30
  2. 10 reasons sex is underrated
  3. How to learn to laugh at anything
  4. Everything I’ve learned on my journey to becoming a ProBlogger
  5. The definitive guide to life
  6. I’m engaged
  7. How to love serving others
  8. What I’d post if I could only post one more time in my life
  9. The top 1,000 people who’ve encouraged me
  10. Make a List of 100
  11. Creating at 10 p.p.h. (posts per hour)
  12. How I gained 30 pounds of muscle in 30 days with 30 minutes of exercise per week
  13. How to learn to play drums
  14. Ditch your textbooks, date your teachers: a short course to rock college life
  15. “Encourage: (v.) to put courage in”: a free ebook to read and share
  16. Marshall Jones Jr. and the barefoot marathon
  17. My book sold its two-millionth copy today
  18. How to challenge nearly everything
  19. 25 things I learned as a Philosophy major that still matter
  20. 25 things I learned as a Economics major that still matter
  21. Seven ingredients of a sellout concert
  22. How to become an expert in only 24 hours
  23. I kissed courting goodbye
  24. Why I gave away all my favorite post titles in one blog post
  25. A beginners guide to (or through) Christianity
  26. Seth Godin on Christianity: an interview
  27. 27 outrageous ways to spend 27 days
  28. How I crammed three amazing days into only 33 hours on a $20 budget and lived to tell about it
  29. How to start a blog like this in about half an hour… for free
  30. Barefoot jogging is like jogging, only barefoot
  31. A smart way to write without thinking too much
  32. The smartest thing I’ve ever said in one sentence
  33. 101 things that make me happy… I mean, literally force me to be happy
  34. 10 tips for crafting effective lists
  35. 35 accomplishment I want by the time I’m 35
  36. Dear sister, this is why you need to learn things in school that you’ll never ever use
  37. Thank you, first online customer of mine
  38. How to write a bestseller book in one year or less
  39. Why I’m a Christian
  40. “My father is a pastor, but I’m a Christian anyway”: my memoirs are published
  41. Three crucial skills my father instilled in me
  42. Free advice, $329 per hour
  43. I’m releasing a CD
  44. My take on polyphasic sleep after 30 days
  45. I learned to lucid dream (and you can too)
  46. How I (finally) learned to appreciate poetry
  47. How to self-publish a book
  48. Marshall’s 100 things
  49. Top 10 winning formulas for Facebook statuses
  50. How to build a brand worth $200 million without spending a cent on advertising
  51. One improvement every church can make
  52. The difference between you and your amazing pastor
  53. How to interact with millions of people per month without going sane
  54. The ultimate guide to free ebooks online
  55. I’m pregnant… I mean, my wife is
  56. Christians are smarter than you, and here’s why
  57. Why how-to posts are fantastic
  58. How can I help you? (email me your reply)
  59. My life as a yo-yoist
  60. The Internet is stupid
  61. How to perform an impressive (but simple) yo-yo trick
  62. Watch me tonight on the Jimmy Fallon show
  63. My thoughts after visiting all 50 United States
  64. Life with Nintendo 64
  65. How Judas changed Christianity
  66. Marshall’s 10 favorite movies
  67. 150 inspirational quotes I hate
  68. What I learned teaching on Sunday morning
  69. Yellow and why I like it
  70. Why my animal theme is an elephant
  71. Marshall’s top ten hairstyles
  72. A week in one pair of socks
  73. My second favorite word
  74. How I became the President of the United States without even trying
  75. What I wish my kids knew about me
  76. How I survived the Y2K crisis
  77. Seven steps for snizzling your way into a class without the prerequisites
  78. “I can do a one arm” (pull up that is, and I really can)
  79. Hugs: my updated policy
  80. Cuss words are not curse words
  81. My thoughts as a 100 year old
  82. My first grandchild is born
  83. What I learned teaching Sunday school
  84. Why I’ll home school my children (and you should too)
  85. How to live 199 lives per week
  86. Jesus loves you
  87. The “Make A Disciple” course and free “1.2 Disciples” ebook are now available
  88. If you’re never happy now, you’re never happy
  89. 1989
  90. 55 of my favorite photos
  91. First 40-day fast
  92. May I help you create your legacy project?
  93. 20 lessons from 20 years as a Christian
  94. Hot air falls
  95. The 22 best books I’ve read and how they’ve changed me
  96. Here’s the cure for cancer
  97. Truth defined
  98. Stories from my childhood
  99. The line
  100. How to skip your midlife crisis

We’ll see how many I actually write. I’ll link to the post from here if/when I do write the corresponding posts.