100 items x 10 posts = 1 [EXPERIMENT] – Recap

Ten list posts in a row with 100 items in each list. Altogether, that’s 1,000 items. Here are all the posts plus some behind the scenes info about each of them. You can learn a lot about who I am by reading and reading between the lines of these lists.

100 words I like

In college, I studied Philosophy. Philosophers throughout history have been known to ruin words by giving them technical meanings. I try to copy some of their work by making up my own definitions for certain words. This list includes a bunch of those. And just a bunch I like in general.

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100 movies I’ve seen

I’ve seen way too many movies, most of them totally lame. So I tried to pick out some of the good ones, the ones I liked. This list wasn’t difficult. What do you think? Any favorites on there?

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100 books I’ve read

Back in the day, I kept track of all the books I read. At somewhere around 250, though, I stopped counting. I felt like I was reading to mark it off on the list. So this list, like the others, is off the top of my head. Many of the books I really liked – that’s why they came to mind, I suppose. But some are just on there because I thought of them. The list should give you some idea of the type of stuff I read.

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100 facts about you

This is where things start getting tricky. I can think of tons of facts that apply to most people. Most people have two legs. Most people can use them to walk. The tricky part was coming up with things that applied to everyone, but that were still interesting. Everyone breathes air, but that’s boring, no?

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100 phrases we should use more often

Back to easy. I might be slightly opinionated, but I’m pretty sure we should all actually use these. You know, etiquette.

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100 men I admire

I started this list a while ago. I’ve heard – and usually agree – that you can tell a ton about someone by figuring out who they admire. I wanted to learn more about myself. I should note a few things. One, the list only includes men I don’t know well in person. Two, I just admire the people on the list – I don’t agree with everything or even most of what they do, did, think, thought, whatever.

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100 suggestions for when you’re bored

If you go back in time and read some of my posts from the first year here, you’ll find even more about boredom. I just don’t like people who are bored. Seriously, do something amazing. There’s too much of it to be bored.

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100 questions to ask people

This started out as “100 Facebook statuses guaranteed to get you comments.” I guess it could still work for that too. I like questions better. They drive conversations. They initiate friendships. They are… well, pretty cool. I’m still waiting for someone to email me their answers to every question. Just an idea.

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100 things that scare me

Back to hardness. This one took me a couple hours to write. Ridiculous, and it barely made a dent. Toward the end, I was coming up with two or three items I didn’t want to include for every one item I could. I think of all these lists, this is the one I’d recommend you trying for yourself, even if you don’t post it. Especially if you don’t.

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100 blogs in my RSS reader

Ah, yes, the beast. I stayed up all night writing this. Sure, I was also trying to sign contracts for teaching in Korea and a bunch of other stuff. But yeah, it was intense trying to find links to all those sites because, like the other lists, I went off memory instead of copying and pasting directly from my RSS reader. There are some good blogs on there, though. Check ’em out. (And subscribe so you can get them in your RSS reader too.)

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This was insane. I’ll never do it again. I don’t like doing series, not when I’m forced to write on a specific schedule. And I especially don’t have time to write 10 lists this large in a row. But I’m glad I did it. I’ve wanted to for a while.

And it even gave me some ideas for future list posts. So watch out.