100 facts about you

  1. You’re reading this online, something you couldn’t do just 25 years ago.
  2. You can read English, which makes you about 137 times more likely to be wealthy than the average person on earth.
  3. You can see.
  4. You’ve laughed.
  5. You’ve cried.
  6. You’ve drank milk.
  7. You’ve seen a sunrise.
  8. You assume other people are like you and, deep inside, want the same things you want.
  9. You might not consider yourself shy, but you still can get nervous trying to talk with certain people.
  10. You try to hide that fact when you’re talking to those people.
  11. You lie more often than you’d like to admit.
  12. Most of the time, you lie so you don’t hurt someone else’s feelings, or at least that’s what you tell yourself.
  13. You lie to yourself more than anyone else, and you even gave these lies names: caution, tact, modesty, and so on.
  14. You always think you’re right. You might change your mind later, but in the moment, you’re always right.
  15. You know certain facts about yourself (and other people) even if you’ve never consider them before. For instance, you know your leg can’t fit in your nostril even though this is the first you’ve ever consider that fact.
  16. You know your basic diet isn’t as healthy as it could be.
  17. You think torture is wrong but would reconsider if it meant saving the entire city of Chicago.
  18. You’d definitely reconsider torture if it meant saving your daughter’s life.
  19. Taking that a little further, you’d sacrifice a city to save your daughter, but still claim that saving the city is the objectively correct choice.
  20. Speaking of objective truth, you’re a fan. In your mind, objective truth is a lot more valuable than subjective truth, most of the time.
  21. You value science over expert opinion, but you know science is based on expert opinion (you’re trusting the experts when they say atoms exist).
  22. You value democracy over dictatorship.
  23. You act like there’s safety in numbers but generally assume gangs are bad.
  24. Propaganda, to you, is also bad.
  25. Somehow, though, you think influence is good.
  26. You’d rather have more money than less money.
  27. You know money can’t buy happiness, but you’d like to try it anyway.
  28. Most of your day to day life is a repeat of the same exact stuff over and over and over again.
  29. You’ve been to a park.
  30. You’ve been to a restaurant.
  31. You’ve been to a grocery store.
  32. You’ve ridden in a car.
  33. You’ve spoken to strangers.
  34. You’ve warn shoes.
  35. You’ve played games.
  36. You’ve watched TV.
  37. You’ve watched a movie.
  38. You’ve read a book.
  39. You’ve watched more movies than you probably should have.
  40. You’ve read less books than you probably should have.
  41. You’ve fallen asleep.
  42. You’ve woken up.
  43. And you’ve been woken up.
  44. You’ve also had trouble getting to sleep.
  45. You can’t remember ever remember the moment you fall asleep.
  46. You’ve dreamed.
  47. You’ve tried to predict the future.
  48. You don’t think I can predict the future.
  49. But you actually have predicted the future, and you do it every day (right before you turn on a water facet, take a step, lower yourself into a chair, or breathe a breath of air).
  50. You’ve tried to remember the past.
  51. You’ve forgotten something before.
  52. Your brain is probably storing most of the thoughts and experiences you’ve had. The problem is retrieving them.
  53. You know what it’s like to be thirsty.
  54. You know what it’s like to be hungry, at least a little.
  55. You base a lot of your life around what time it is, including when you get hungry.
  56. At this point, you’ve stopped reading the numbers in front of these items. You’re aware of them, but you’re not reading every, single one.
  57. You’ve also blinked over 50 times since you started reading this, but you probably didn’t notice any of them.
  58. So since starting this post, you’ve had your eyes closed for over five seconds without noticing.
  59. You make more money in three months than 80% of the people on earth make in a year.
  60. You would like to travel more than you do.
  61. You worry about things that you don’t need to worry about.
  62. You don’t worry about things you probably should worry about.
  63. You should probably exercise more, and you probably know that.
  64. You’re not scared of heights, just falling and hitting.
  65. You’re not scared of tigers, just getting eaten.
  66. You’re not scared of death, just the pain of dying.
  67. You’re excited by uncertainty.
  68. You’re comforted by certainty.
  69. You use the word “love” in a bunch of different contexts. For example…
  70. You love your family.
  71. And you love some candy.
  72. You think you’re smarter than the average person.
  73. “Warm” sounds more peaceful to you than “cold.”
  74. You’re attracted to things that move more than things that stay still.
  75. You’re attracted to the color red more than the color gray.
  76. You’re attracted to words written in ALL CAPS.
  77. You’re attracted to “sex” and other provocative words.
  78. You like people who like you.
  79. You like people who compliment you.
  80. You like people who think you’re smarter than average.
  81. You try to get people to like you.
  82. You try to get people to think like you.
  83. You’ve chewed bubble gum.
  84. You’ve talked to someone on the phone, literally communicating with someone in another part of the world in real time.
  85. You’ve told a joke, or tried to.
  86. You see hundreds of advertisements each day.
  87. You ignore thousands of sounds each day.
  88. You tend to do things that give you good results immediately instead of things that give you good results down later on.
  89. You would agree that “doing to others what you would want them to do to you” is a good idea.
  90. But you that thought rarely crosses your mind on any given day.
  91. In general, you trust people, even some people you don’t think you trust or don’t want to trust.
  92. You assume people trust you when you’re telling the truth but aren’t sure if they trust you if and when you try to lie.
  93. You rarely make rational decisions.
  94. You decide based on what you want and then try to justify your decisions with logical explanations.
  95. You sometimes think that no one else could possibly feel the way you feel.
  96. But it sometimes bothers you that people don’t always do what you would do in their situation.
  97. You have a favorite color but you don’t think it should be everyone’s favorite color too.
  98. You don’t know why some things seem universal but others seem personal.
  99. You don’t know why I made a list of facts about you.
  100. But now that I point it out, you think you can find at least one of these facts that doesn’t apply to you.