10 reasons to contribute to the adoption fund

Contribute to the adoption fund

  1. Because there’s a child out there who needs a father.
  2. Because everyone should care when there’s a child no one personally cares about.
  3. Because your money will make a tangible difference in this child’s life, to say nothing of my life or my family’s life.
  4. Because years from now when I send you Christmas photos of my family, you’ll want to have been part of it like this.
  5. Because I’ve written over 1,000 posts here, and this is the first I’ve ever asked for money.
  6. Because if I asked you to buy me lunch in person, you probably would… and this, the adoption fund, is so much more important than lunch.
  7. Because it’s the only way to get a copy of Marshallogue: The Collector’s Edition, a physical book with a few dozen of the best posts from this blog plus three bonus posts not published anywhere else.
  8. Because it’s the only way to get a copy of Marshallogue: The Reader’s Edition, a digital version of the previously mentioned book
  9. Because today is the last day to get all the extra bonuses I’ll send you when you contribute.
  10. Because at the end of your life, you’ll more likely regret not contributing than contributing.