10 reasons I released a pretty lame ebook

If you’ve been reading Marshallogue for a while, or even one day, then you know I released an ebook recently: Top 10 Confessions from an A- Student: A guide for University.

I’m not particularly enthused with the content. It’s very half-baked. Here’s why, specifically, I went ahead and released the book anyway:

  1. I wrote the original content over a year ago, thinking it was a good way to start, just get something out there. I knew I could come back to it later, but at the time I needed to get something going. The ebook version was the next step in that.
  2. Lately, I’ve been trying to follow this advice: “Do things while you want to. It’s the only time you ever will.”
  3. I was scared to release something that wasn’t good. I figured that was enough reason to do it, to overcome the fear.
  4. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to put it together in only one evening, a few hours altogether.
  5. I’m realizing, again, the need to Churn, to go, go, go while the inspiration is high. Because like butter, it will eventually spoil.
  6. I’ve also noticed recently that I don’t care as much about all those experiences anymore. They’re my past now. When I was working toward those degrees, all that stuff was super important. I wanted to document it all. I wanted to share what I was learning. Now, that’s fading. I wanted to get something out there before I forget altogether.
  7. I saw Leo Babauta writing a book publicly, and that inspired me. I wanted to experiment with revising an ebook instead of just publishing one and leaving it. Because I do want to revise it sometime, maybe in a month or so. Maybe in a year. Maybe never. Either way, the option’s there now. I’ve taken the next step.
  8. University season is right around the corner. Maybe some student will find it and benefit from it. If even one person gets something out of it, it was worth my evening.
  9. Shipping projects in one evening builds momentum. I feel like that win, however small, will help fuel whatever I do next. Projects like this are important if for no other reason than to keep the chains moving.
  10. Last but not least, better lame than never.