10 posts in 1 hour [EXPERIMENT] – Conclusion

As you might have guessed from my previous post, I didn’t make it.

I’m at an hour and 13 minutes as I hit schedule on this post.

But contrary to what you might have guessed from that previous post, I did go ahead and finish (although that’s kind of what I said I’d do at the halfway point when it first became obvious I really might not make it).

So what did I learn here…

  • First, I was able to write almost non-stop for about an hour. I riffed on what I’d written previously, finding creativity in what I’d created. It’s not as difficult as it’s cracked up to be, especially if…
  • Second, I set low standard. I harp on this all the time. I truly believe that if you lower your standards, you’re able to have a much better life than if you raise them (it doesn’t always work, but it does in most contexts).
  • Third, I accidentally set up three of these posts as pages. If you’ve used WordPress before, you know the difference (a page is like the “About” page on a website – a post is like what you’re reading here, something in a log). If you rush, you’re definitely not going to be 100%.
  • Fourth, I hadn’t published for nearly a month, so even thought I didn’t really have any of these posts that I wrote already imagined, I did have a fresh mind. There’s something about doing this every day that tends to take more about of me… at least that’s what I assume. Maybe I really could repeat this indefinitely.
  • Fifth, and probably most importantly, I wanted to create some quick content to get back up on the site. Even though this took longer than I wanted, it was a totally successful experiment. It was a great example of setting up an experiment in such a way that even failing is a success.

First experiment of 2017, done.