10 posts in 1 hour [EXPERIMENT] – 7 days later

The number of posts never worked out, but the spirit of the experiment lives on.

After the success of this experiment – and by “success,” I mean that I successfully wrote and scheduled 10 posts in an evening – I decided to keep it up.

Well, really what I planned to do was write a little here and a little there as the scheduled posts published. What happened, though? I didn’t write a lick while the posts were publishing automatically.

No big deal. I can just write another bunch.

So that’s what I did.

I wrote this and the previous six posts in one evening. I scheduled them out to publish. And now here they are.

It allows me to get posts published each day without having to commit to sitting down to write each day.

For now, this is working, and I like it.

Let’s see where we go from here.