10 measurable goals for 2010

I like measurable goals. It’s easy to see if they’re completed. I have quite a few “softer” (as in “not as easily measured”) goals as well. I’ll go over those later.

Some of these listed here are still intentionally vague. That’s because throughout the year, they’re going to evolve. For now, here are the goals:

  1. Buy a house with a $5,000 down payment and 15-year mortgage
  2. Create an exciting job I genuinely enjoy
  3. Cultivate ten, new, vital friends (including two mentors)
  4. Buy a reliable used car for under $2,000 with cash
  5. Dress in clothes she’ll love (give away all the rest)
  6. Attend four (maybe increase to five) church services per week
  7. Release three (maybe four) ebooks from bondChristian.com (bondChristian 101, Serving Suggestions, Applied Christianity, and maybe Encourage)
  8. Learn to cook at least seven, new, complete meals (or 25 dishes)
  9. Speak at a conference
  10. Oh yeah, and buy that diamond ring. :>)