10 hobbies I've had but almost forgot about – Part 2

Picking up from my list yesterday

6. Racing/car battling video games

I’m not sure how I got involved in this and not sure how long it lasted. I played other games also but always loved the racing and car battling games best. Think Twisted Metal, Road Rage, Crash Racing, Mario Cart. You know, really Christian games. :>)

Interest level now: almost non-existent. I rarely play anything now, which sometimes annoys my gamer brothers.

7. Music production

I took guitar lessons for seven years and drums lessons for three (or more – I don’t remember now). This craze hit me as my basketball craze was going down. I even planned to major in music technology in college. I’d scoped out various studios where I could intern and everything. Somewhere along the line in college, though, I realized I didn’t want to do it for a living. Plus, I didn’t really like the music program and IUS.

Interest level now: I still enjoy playing and would like to start playing out more, but I have no intention of getting into the production side, other than creating the music itself. (One caveat: I’d still like to someday create a solo album and play all the instruments on it. I’ve already written enough songs for it.)

7. Juggling

This might have spawned from the magic and yo-yoing. I’m not really sure. My attraction to it only lasted a couple months. I purchased book and reached the point where I could juggle two objects in one hand and three in two hands. I wanted to get to the point of juggling three in one hand and be able to trade off with a partner. I never did though.

Interest level now: I can still juggle two in one and three in two and have no intention of working on it any more than at the occasional party when someone wants to entertain.

9. Legos

This was the love of my childhood life. Just as I shaped them, they shaped me. I had boxes and boxes of them. Ask my grandparents – they grew aggrevated because it’s all I ever asked for for Christmas.

Interest level: almost non-existent. It died off mostly when the legos started getting too specialized, like the “Harry Potter wig vs. Han Solo wig.” I liked it better when it was about using the same basic building blocks to form cool, creative stuff – more imagination. I can still totally get fired up about a conversation about them and can see why I loved them so much.

10. Architecture

My love of drawing and building with legos naturally grew into this. Also, for a couple years in there (I don’t remember when), my parents were planning to build their own home. As a result, I poured over books and pictures of different design techniques. My grandpa builds homes and offices, so he also was involved in helping and inspiring me to pursue it.

I took a class in high school and even planned to study it in college. In the end, though, I ended up going to IUS, which didn’t have an architecture program. While I thoroughly enjoyed my college experience, there’s a tinge of nastalgic regret in my mind thinking back on my love of architecture. What would have happened if I’d gone into that instead?

Interest level now: still there, I just haven’t gotten into it much lately. I’d still like to design and build my own home someday. It’ll be something small, but amazing – with tons of customization. Wait and see.

What about you? What hobbies have you had in the past?