10 hobbies I've had but almost forgot about – Part 1

I’m a fairly interested guy. I’ve had a lot of hobbies. Here’s a list of some that I hadn’t considered in a while along with a brief description about each.

1. Yo-yoing

This lasted about a year, sometimes in the early ‘oos. I bought about ten yo-yos, a couple of which were $20+ dollars. I learned quite a few trickes, including at the time what I’d heard was the hardest, single yo-yo trick. I never got into double yo-yoing.

Interest level now: yeah, I’d like to get back into it, just for the novelty of it.

2. Drawing

This lasted most of my middle school (junior high) years into high school. I started out with a book called Drawing Textbook, which I’d recommend for any beginning student. It teaches the fundamentals of proportion (the first two lessons on the foreshortened circle and foreshortened square are worth the price of the book). Everyone should work through the first five exercises in the book.

From that book, I moved into a couple other books, eventually learning how to work with charcoal. I would have liked to take a class or two with other students, but that never happened.

Interest level now: yeah, maybe 2010 will be the year I break down and take those classes. I wonder if they have any free seminars at a library?

3. Magic tricks

This lasted about two years as I recall. I’ve always been fascinated by the art of illusion. My Uncle Chris and Uncle Jett were some of my first two influences, as well as a restaurant magician in Darrell’s, a restaurant now closed. I purchased a couple kits from various toy stores and some sweet “magic” cards from a fair. The Klutz Book of Magic is a fantastic start. I still remember a few of the tricks from it (specifically the French Drop).

Interest level now: I should brush up on my card tricks and a coin trick or two so I have something for parties. Otherwise, I’m just an enthusiastic spectator now.

4. Basketball

I got into basketball when I was 10 years old. I was a decent shooter but horrible with dribbling then. I played with a team for the YMCA because I was home schooled and couldn’t play on a team for my school. After that first year, I improved quickly because I played constantly over the summer with my friends. I also had a good friend at the time who was five years older than I was and who was an amazing player even for his age. In many ways, he was my inspiration and taught me a lot about offense. I played on a team until I was fourteen. The YMCA didn’t have an over-14 age group.

Interest level now: I don’t follow any teams now, but I continue to enjoy playing game here and there. I’ve now realized, though, that I’m not gong to grow any more. At 5′ 8″, that puts a damper on things.

5. Polyphasic sleeping

I learned about this from Steve Pavlina. Ever since I heard about it, I wanted to try it. For a couple semesters in college, I tried a modified (what’s known as the “every man”) schedule. I loved it.

Interest level now: I will try it someday. It’s just not a priority right now – maybe in late 2010 though.

To be continued tomorrow…